Hire Me

I am Rawa Hamid, a distinguished web developer with an extensive career spanning over 5 years in the realm of professional web development. My journey commenced in 2017, where I embraced PHP, a cornerstone of modern web development.

Throughout my tenure, I have led numerous backend development teams, leveraging the robust capabilities of PHP to deliver exceptional solutions to our esteemed clientele. My dedication to excellence extends beyond mere execution; I am deeply ingrained in the Laravel community, where I actively contribute through insightful articles and engagement.

Furthermore, I hold the esteemed position of Backend Team Lead, a role that exemplifies my commitment to driving innovation and fostering a collaborative environment within our development teams.

You can learn more about my involvement here, but also on my X account (Twitter), my Github, and my LinkedIn.

For further inquiries or collaboration opportunities, please feel free to reach out to me via email at or by phone at +964 750 730 1353.