Post Office


The Post Office Management System is a comprehensive solution designed to streamline and automate various aspects of managing postal operations. From accounting and order management to user access control and communication, the system provides robust functionality to enhance efficiency and transparency across all postal services.

  • Category: Web App System
  • Project date: December 2020
  • Backend: Laravel, Laravel Octane, MySQL
  • Frontend: HTML, CSS, jQuery, AJAX, Bootstrap
  • Languages: Kurdish, Arabic, English

Key Features


  • Tenant Bank Accounts Manage bank accounts for tenants to facilitate financial transactions and payments.
  • Transactions Record and track financial transactions, including deposits, withdrawals, expenses, incomes, loans, loan payments, and transfers.
  • Deposits Track deposits made into bank accounts, categorized by deposit types.
  • Withdraws Record withdrawals from bank accounts, classified by withdraw types.
  • Expenses Track and categorize expenses incurred by the post office, including various expense types.
  • Incomes Record and track sources of income for the post office, categorized by income types.
  • Loans Manage loans issued to tenants or employees, including loan terms and repayment schedules.
  • Loan Payments Record payments made towards loan repayments, ensuring accurate tracking of outstanding balances.
  • Transfers Facilitate seamless transfer of funds between bank accounts or financial institutions.


  • Tenants: Manage tenant information and contracts within the post office premises.
  • Sub Tenants: Record information about sub-tenants and their contracts with main tenants.
  • Stores: Maintain inventory and stock levels for post office stores.
  • Express Costs: Calculate and manage costs associated with express delivery services.
  • Tenant Profits: Track and analyze profits generated by individual tenants.
  • CBM Calculations: Calculate and manage volume measurements for packages.
  • Deposit Types: Define different types of deposits for financial transactions.
  • Withdraw Types: Define different types of withdrawals for financial transactions.
  • Expense Types: Categorize expenses incurred by the post office.
  • Income Types: Categorize sources of income for the post office.
  • Static Pages: Manage static content and informational pages.
  • Tours: Schedule and manage tours for post office visitors.
  • General Messages: Facilitate communication with users through general messages.
  • Cancellation Reasons: Define reasons for order cancellations.
  • Express Packages: Manage express delivery packages.
  • Driver Packages: Track packages assigned to drivers for delivery.
  • Extra Cost Packages: Handle packages with additional costs or fees.

Users ACL

  • Users Management: Manage user accounts, roles, and permissions.
  • Roles: Define roles and access levels for different users.
  • Sections: Organize system functionalities into manageable sections.
  • Permissions: Assign permissions to roles for controlling access to system features.


  • Manage information and activities related to postal agents.

Agent Payments

  • Record and process payments for postal agents.


  • Manage information and activities related to postal drivers.

Driver Payments

  • Record and process payments for postal drivers.


  • Order Creations: Create and manage postal orders.
  • Monitoring: Monitor the status and progress of postal orders.
  • Change Order Status: Update order statuses to reflect progress and completion.
  • Store Transfers: Facilitate transfers of packages between post office stores.

Group Chatting

  • Enable real-time communication and collaboration among post office staff.

Reversed Barcode

  • Handle reversed barcode scanning for package identification.

Account Creation Registers

  • Maintain records of account creations for tracking and auditing purposes.

Activity Logs

  • Record and track user activities and system events for auditing and security purposes.


  • Manage customer complaints and feedback.


  • Attach files and documents to orders, complaints, or other relevant records.

The Post Office Management System is a versatile solution designed to meet the complex needs of modern postal operations, enhancing efficiency, transparency, and customer satisfaction.