YEM Project


The Iraqi Community of Practice is dedicated to increasing strategic coordination, improving civil society networks, and strengthening capacity and knowledge sharing within Iraq. By fostering collaboration and communication among stakeholders, this initiative aims to enhance the effectiveness and impact of efforts aimed at addressing various societal challenges.

  • Category: Website + Admin Panel
  • Project date: Feb 2024
  • Backend: Laravel, MySQL
  • Frontend: Next.js, Tailwind
  • Languages: Kurdish, Arabic, English

Key Features

  • Categories Categorize topics, discussions, and resources to facilitate easy navigation and organization within the community platform.
  • Chatting Enable real-time communication and collaboration among community members through chat functionality.
  • Comments on Posts and Forums Foster engagement and discussion by allowing users to comment on posts and forums, facilitating knowledge sharing and exchange of perspectives.
  • Events Organize and promote events, workshops, and webinars to facilitate learning, networking, and collaboration among community members.
  • Forums Provide a platform for discussions, knowledge sharing, and problem-solving on various topics relevant to the community's objectives.
  • Projects Collaborate on initiatives and projects aimed at addressing specific challenges or achieving shared goals within the community.
  • User Management Manage user profiles, permissions, and access rights to ensure a secure and inclusive community environment.

Landing Page

The landing page serves as the central hub for community members, providing access to key features and resources:

  • User Interaction: Users can connect with each other, initiate conversations, and collaborate on projects.
  • Forums and Posts: Users can browse forums, view posts, and engage in discussions on relevant topics.
  • Comments: Users can read and comment on posts and forums to share insights and perspectives.
  • Events: Upcoming events and activities are highlighted, allowing users to register and participate.
  • Navigation: Intuitive navigation helps users explore different sections of the community platform and access relevant resources.


  • Increase Strategic Coordination: Foster collaboration and alignment among diverse stakeholders to maximize impact and effectiveness in addressing societal challenges.
  • Improve Civil Society Networks: Strengthen connections and partnerships within civil society organizations to enhance their collective ability to address community needs.
  • Strengthen Capacity and Knowledge Sharing: Facilitate the exchange of expertise, best practices, and resources to empower individuals and organizations to better serve their communities.


  • Enhanced Collaboration: By providing a platform for communication and collaboration, the community enables stakeholders to work together more effectively towards common goals.
  • Increased Efficiency: Access to categorized resources and real-time chat functionality streamlines information sharing and decision-making processes.
  • Knowledge Sharing: Through sharing experiences, expertise, and resources, community members can learn from one another and build their capacity to address challenges.
  • Networking Opportunities: The community serves as a hub for connecting with like-minded individuals and organizations, fostering partnerships and collaborations.

The Iraqi Community of Practice is committed to creating a vibrant and inclusive platform that empowers stakeholders to work together towards a more prosperous and resilient Iraq.